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Skittles (Preview 1) Skittles (Preview 1)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good start

I think this could end up being a pretty decent song. I liked the part from :58 onward, but that got to be a little repetitive, the melody just repeating itself 4 times. I think the build-up was a little too long as well. I understand that this is just the start to a song, so I hope that more substance ends up in the finished version. As far as the instruments themselves go, I liked the VST that you used for the melody, but you could probably add a little more energy to it. Either make it stand out from the harmony more or accent each note more. The bass also sounded like it really dropped off at that point from :58 onward, that could be louder. I can hear the bass, but its not really present enough to add to the mood of the song. The harmonies were really generic, which I didn't really like. The harmony didn't match the mood of melody either, though I'm not really sure how to fix that. Sorry to be so negative, I'm just a really critical reviewer.

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Sky High City Sky High City

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Pretty simplistic

There isn't really that much going on to keep me interested. Some more backing harmonies or counter melodies would be nice and keep things from being too repetitive. As far as the VSTis are concerned, they could've been mixed better. The bass and the one other thing in the back are forgotten about really easily. The drum line is also just a really simple on-the beat kind of thing throughout the whole song, not very interesting. Sorry to be so negative, but I hope this helps.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty average

The melody is pretty average, drums are nice. You could've done more with a rhythm part, the lack of one makes the song seem really one dimensional. I also don't really like the guitar, sounds like slayer. Also, you have all the instrument parts lined up with each other, you could've added some more variety in mixing up their timing a bit more, so they arn't all on the same beat. Hope this helps some.

ToxicTom responds:

it is plucked not slayer

October Massacre October Massacre

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sorry to upset your streak of 10s

I do like this song, I especially like the way you experiment and create really eclectic songs. Your variety in instrumentaion is also cool, especially how you manage to still have them all mesh well. It also loops amazingly well, not sure if that was intentional or not. The saxaphone seems a little piercing and kind of stops the song's momentum. Also, a more active bass line might've been good. I really like it overall, it'll probably end up on my ipod eventually. I enjoy your music.

merlin responds:

I'm not at all upset to have the streak of 10's broken. I'm starting to rethink a few parts of this song, and after reading all of the reviews so far, I'm thinking it's a consensus that the saxaphone isn't working too well... Hopefully I can get that changed here pretty soon, unfortunately I'm entirely busy today and most of tomorrow, but I'll try to make time for it.

I'll send you a PM if and when I change it!


Leaflet Leaflet

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I guess its alright. I really liked the stringed instrument that came in around :56, gave it a good vibe, but you definitely could've given it a more complex part while still keeping an ambient feel. Even for an ambient song, it doesn't feel like there is much going on, its compositionally simple, and therefore a little boring. I'm glad you tried to mix it up at 2:36, but the manner in which you did so did not flow well with the rest of song. It just kind of went downhill for me from there. You could use something like passing tones or anticipations for variety, rather than just playing one note over and over. You'll get better, keep at it.

Freedom Happiness and Sunsets Freedom Happiness and Sunsets

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I like this piece. It could almost be ambient, there never really seems to be a really strong melody line, not that its a bad thing, just something to be aware of. You can decide how much you want your songs to be melody driven, the lack of a strong one, however, causes people's minds to wander a bit. 8 minutes is a little long for a dance track, but you did do a good job of keeping it from being too repetitive. I also liked your instrumentation, the only one I didn't like to much was the thing that came in at around 7:20, too much bouncing around for me. Good job.

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Lemphek responds:

Hey, I appreciate your feedback. The sound that comes in around 7:20 was a gated string sound I chopped up with Dover's Trance Gate.

I'm a pretty ambient kinda guy, so that's where the lack of a defined melody other than the harp came for the song's length, it's debatable as to whether it could stand up the same in a reduced form, but I'll see what I can do fo you ;)

flaming town flaming town

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is not trance

This definitely belongs in the classical section, not trance. I still kinda like it though. That stuff after 2:00 didn't fit, but the rest of it flowed pretty well. Maybe put some more vibrato on the instruments, especially that violin at :52. That brass at 1:10~1:16 doesn't really fit either. Maybe if you had it through the whole song it wouldve fit more. It does get a good feel across, sounds more like the aftermath of town burning down, rather than in the middle of a town burning down to me though. Keep it up, I might have to check out some of your other stuff.

pantter1 responds:

yha i was seeing that but im useing very crappy audi software ejay 2 yha thats right
ejay 2 and i dont any good software i could priate for

Skip-o-matic Skip-o-matic

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Didn't like it much

Even though I didn't like it much, I'm going to offer you some advice on how to improve it. I see you were trying to get a kind of fast paced feel with the drums, but you shouldve upped the bpm a bit more, the fast drums at this slower tempo just makes it sound messy. The piano sounds really dull, maybe some reverb or something. Also, I like that you tried to put some variety in with stuff such as the part at 1:45~1:50, put I didn't like the way you went about it. Maybe you could change the melody line or add more instruments. Good effort though, sorry to tear your song apart.

Lazermonkey93 responds:

lol you good man. i was just messin around. this isnt really my line of music. i do more of hip-hop

The Flight Of The Hawk The Flight Of The Hawk

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice first song

Pretty nice, especially since this appears to be your first song. The sound could definitely be cleaner, the part at 1:00~1:40 is a pretty glaring example. The dynamic changes are also bit too sudden and inconsistent for my taste. I'd recommend more everything starting out quiet and then getting louder throughout the song. Hope this helps, and I hope to see more stuff from you.

Cool Ocean Loop Cool Ocean Loop

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad

Well...I thought this was alright. I would complain that it is repetitive, but if you made it for a game than that doesn't come into play as much. I don't really like what you did with the bass, just didn't seem to come together. I also think you shouldve put more emphasis on the drums, they feel like they are more following the melody line than setting the beat. Hope this helps you, and hope your project turned out alright.